Chapel and Community Center


Chapel and Community Center

Just as in the past age the chapel was an important center of every village and town, today the chapel is the most important building on our campus. It is a place of quieting and listening to God, and to ourselves.

Inner silence helps us to find balance in life, to recharge our spiritual and life force.

Our chapel will be a place where the local Methodist community will gather for worship, but it will also be open to all individuals and groups who visit our Community Center.

We intend to open the Community Center to the general public as well as individuals and groups from Christian churches. There will be the opportunity to spend a few days there, to hold training sessions, lectures or retreats. A group of up to 35 people will be able to use the Community Center.

We would like to open a Residential Center for the elderly within the Community Center. The Residential center will be open seven days a week and will help all families who are caring for their loved ones. 

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