Shelter House


Shelter House

Since 1999, we have been providing shelter services to families with children, individuals caring for children and expectant mothers. Our shelter works with a community living program that develops the skills and habits needed for normal integration into society. This means each family or individual works individually and plans all activities with their key social worker. They learn money management and responsibility to the community and society.

The buildings we now use were built in the 1960s. Due to the no longer suitable conditions, we want to build a new shelter.

The new shelter will provide accommodation for our clients, and will include a lounge that we can use for various meetings, community activities, and also as a playroom for children.

A multifunctional playground will be located next to the shelter. 

Project manager

Evangelická církev metodistická

Mgr. Petr Procházka,
Ječná 545/19, Praha 2,
Tel. 777939267,

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